Monday, 17 February 2014

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Hi, I'm Anya, a designer and an artist. Captivated by Art of all kinds, that’s what I truly love and what makes me really happy. I enjoy the warmth of traditional painting, the neatness of digital drawing, the fun of polyclay and doll creation, while working as a designer and being an artist at heart!

I am also a starting ocarinist, currently fascinated with portable mini ocarinas, such as English-style pendants. I find them the cutest things ever created - it is simply amazing there exists such a tiny musical instrument that you could actually carry with you wherever you go! Not to mention the fact it is the easiest and most enjoyable one to learn.

Unfortunately, I am not a musician, and have no musical education, but I am very keen to learn.

It is sad to see most people associate ocarina pendants with just the very first step of one's ocarina adventure - means, something that you will eventually overgrow. Thus, many songs for pendant ocarinas are made in tabs with much of them either not polished enough or they may not fit your specific ocarina properly. Most importantly, those tabs missing such important and useful things as note duration, time signature and intervals, usually found in any sheet music.

Searching for simple music for pendant ocarina is easy, but it's almost impossible to find some good and unique songs that are often converted for ocarinas with twelve and more holes.

I simply wish ocarina pendants could go beyond their limits. I wish to show everyone that despite of their tiny size and fewer holes, pendant ocarinas are such wonderful musical instruments. They can have inspiring musical possibilities to produce extraordinary melodies, they can be fun and promising too, if we just give them a chance! :)

So I welcome you all to my Ocarina Journey blog to have an unforgettable Oca Fun! :D

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